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On December 5, 2023, in collaboration with the Grand Karat Hotel (Hyatt Regency) in Sochi, the Birds exhibition was opened.


"In the New Year's Eve, in anticipation of a miracle, I go to the Grand Carat to look at the Birds.

The Melody of Weightlessness seems to dissolve the space around me. In the magical timelessness between inhaling and exhaling, I make a wish. The Sounds Giving Birth to Color awaken a demiurge in me, I tell myself; "Believe me And the Morning Will Be back In the Garden of Eden. Art is what fills my life with meanings. Igor's art is something that fills me with energy, connects me with myself, with an inexplicable miracle and the gift of life",  Elena Venskaya, curator of the exhibition.

Igor Vensky: "For me, birds have always been a symbol of freedom. This year, they began to appear more and more often in my space in dreams and in reality. Together with them, I experienced the feeling of flying again. I share my sensations and associations of my experience in the series Birds."

We invite you to watch Igor Venskiy's Birds in the lounge area of the 2nd floor of the hotel.

The exhibition features 8 canvases. In total, Igor created more than 20 canvases of large and small sizes in 2023

Please get acquainted online with the works of art presented at the exhibition and additional pieces at the link below.

*All works are available for purchase.


On March 7, 2023, the D.D. Zhilinsky Sochi Art Museum hosted the Opening of Igor Vienskiy's Solo Show Cosmology.

In Cosmology, Igor Venskiy explores philosophical questions of human perception, questions of the world order in the interrelation of space and man, redirecting the "cosmism of the Russian avant-garde" into human.


There are two variants of the exposition on our website.

Cosmology (Exhibition at the Art Museum, 26 works of art) and Cosmology 18+ (Initial project of the exhibition, 28+2 works of art)

Please follow the links below to get acquainted with the full description and works of the exhibition.


We devote our Fine Art Trip to 185 anniversary of Sochi.

Please click the links below to watch all the paintings and the online show.


An online version of the Abstract World of Flowers show is posted on the artist's YouTube channel. The online exhibition invites you on a journey along a trajectory created through the eyes of the exhibition curator.

Exhibition curator Elena Venskaya:

On the Other Side of the Moon, 5 Galaxies in the Ocean of Infinity, Reflection of the Suns in the Moonlight...
Abstract concepts and abstract images draw the viewer's attention to other worlds that exist independently of knowledge about them.
Layers of colors and unearthly textures, play of color and a sliding light source, pull out of everyday life. 
Running away from the intolerable subjectivism of social existence, the artist returns to the origins of himself. Illusion at the Center of Existence dissipates, turning into Perfection of Primordial Chaos ..., reaches ... the point of non-existence.
Not to get lost in the Labyrinths of Dreams, the author lines the bridge from the likeness of flowers and fragments of vases. The bridge connects the abstract world with the physical world. 
The viewer of the Abstract World of Flowers exhibition can safely move across the bridge from the known to the unknown, and back.
"Beauty alone will not save the world, awareness of beauty is a guarantee of peace", Igor Venskiy.

P.S We thank our friend Ekat Rin for the variants of verbal transmission of the Series visual images.