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Igor Ivanov - Venskiy was born in Krasnodar on June 6, 1962.
In 1982 he graduated graduated from the Lunacharsky Art College.
After serving in the army, the young  artist stays to live and work in Rostov-on-Don. With the opening of borders, he travels a lot.
At  the begining, he draws graphic portraits from nature in Russia and Eastern European countries. He devotes a significant part of his life to self-improvement in painting.
In 1991, he openes his first solo exhibition, where he presented portrait and landscape works in the best traditions of the Russian realistic school, but even then he is developing his own visual language.
Until the end of the 90s, he workes on commissions for portraits, including of famous Russian politicians.
At the beginning of the millennium, he decides to engage only in free creativity. Creates the first works of the Metamorphoses Series.
He travels and works in Spain and Italy.
In Scotland, in 2003, he painted a portrait of the Lord Provost of Glasgow commissioned by the city Council. He paints portraits of musicians of the Royal Opera, the representatives of the noble classes, cultural and artistic figures of Russia and Europe.
You can see Igor Ivanov - Venskiy's works of art in the Portrait Gallery of Glasgow City Chambers, The Museum of Celtic Art on the Hebrides Islands, the History Museum of Sochi, the Art Gallery of the Zimny Theater, the Administration of Rostov-on-Don and many other public places and private collections worldwide.
The artist held about 30 solo art-shows in Spain, Scotland, Russia, Poland, Hungary.
Continuous practice, experiments, painting performances... The essence of his art is the desire to recognize and preserve the source of life.
From an alloy of architectonics of fine traditions, the spirit of modernity and his own dreams. Igor Ivanov - Venskiy creates his own identity code, which he relies on to solve semantic and philosophical problems.
Since 2012, the artist has been living and working in Sochi.
Conducts master classes, gives individual lessons.
He creates new exhibition projects and works of art in which he reconceives the essence of the new millennium.



At the moment, a new Solo Show by Igor Venskiy EVERYTHING IS SHE is being prepared. There are 35 works in the collection.

"The secret of the feminine is completely paradoxical for me. It is clear, but invariably slips away, kept out of reach.
The essence of the feminine is the cosmos - the Bermuda triangle that absorbs my attention completely." Igor Venskiy

We will be glad to cooperate with galleries and museums.

Extracting Primordial Chaos of Harmony from Nonexistence

At the moment, Solo Show is being prepared. There are to be 21 works of art at the exhibition.

We will be glad to cooperate with galleries and museums.


All shows, projects and publications

2023 Birds. Grand Karat Sochi

2023 Cosmology, Sochi Art Museum

2022 Abstract world of flowers, Rostov-on-Don

2021 Selected Works. Igor Venskiy, Rostov-on-Don

2021 Connection of the Times. Cycle Portrait of Sochi. Winter Theatre, Sochi

2020 Sea=Life, Rostov-on-Don

2019 Theater of Igor Venskiy. Opening of the Heritage Exhibition Complex, Rosa Khutor, Sochi

2019 Intrigue, Rostov-on-Don

2018 Opening of the Museum-studio V. Sochi

2018 Igor Venskiy's Theatre, RAMT, Rostov-on-Don

2018 Sochi portrait. Act two. Opening of the Portrait Gallery, Sochi

2017 International project Angels of the World, Art Museum, Sochi

2016 Sochi portrait. Act one, Sochi

2016 Personal exhibition La Primavera, Sochi

2015 Personal exhibition Excitement, Sochi

2015 Personal exhibition Venskiy's Salon, Sochi

2014 Personal exhibition Influenced by Don Peppino, Sochi

2014 Personal exhibition Between Sky and Water, VIP terminal of Sochi International Airport

2010 - 2013 Private shows in the artist's studio. Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Sochi

2009 Personal exhibition Feast of Unity, Rostov-on-Don

2008 Personal exhibition Venskiy's Vernissage, Moscow

2008 Personal exhibition Winter Garden, Rostov-on-Don

2008 Personal exhibition Coffee by Venskiy, Rostov-on-Don

2007 Solo exhibition Unknown Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland

2006 Personal exhibition Portrait painting, Rostov-on-Don

2006 Personal exhibition Venetian August, Rostov-on-Don

2006 Personal exhibition Mother in Pearl, Rostov-on-Don

2006 Personal exhibition Metamorphoses, Rostov-on-Don

2006 Personal exhibition Nude, Rostov-on-Don

2005 Personal exhibition Transreflection, Rostov-on-Don

2005 Personal exhibition Journey to the Highlands, Rostov-on-Don

2004 Personal exhibition Mystery, Glasgow, Scotland

1999 Personal exhibition Flower rain, Benidorm, Spain

1999 Solo exhibition Spanish Mediterranean, Altea, Spain

1995 Expression by Venskiy personal exposition of 60 works of graphics and painting. Rostov-on-Don

1994 Personal exhibition “Portrait painting”, Bulgaria

1993 Solo exhibition Portrait Painting, Warsaw, Poland

1992 Personal exhibition Nude, Budapest, Hungary

1992 Personal exhibition In the artist's studio, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1991 1st Personal exhibition Acquaintance, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Read more about some exhibitions in the News section



- Exhibitions. Magazine "DOG. Sochi" February 2018.
- New resident of Sochi.  Magazine "Lights of Greater Sochi", 2014. No. 7. Sochi
- Art-salon "Renoir" - a meeting place for Sochi artists. Magazine "Lights of Greater Sochi", 2013 No. 6. Sochi
- Viennese salon. Magazine “With Style”, 2008 No. 2. Rostov-on-Don
- The moment runs uncontrollably. The magazine “Furniture, decor, interiors of the South”, winter 2007/2008. Rostov-on-Don
- Igor Vensky: with face to face model. Aeroflot-Don magazine, 2007 No. 10. Rostov-on-Don
- Paris also needs nyushki. Rostov-on-Don
- The history of one exposure. Journal "HOUSE in Rostov", 2007. No. 2. Rostov-on-Don
- In Vino Veritas. Pleasure magazine, December 2006 / January 2007 Rostov-on-Don
- In Vino Veritas. Hi Home magazine, December 2006 / January 2007 Rostov-on-Don
- Family values. EGO magazine, 2006 March. Rostov-on-Don
- Contemplated beauty. Envy me magazine, 2005 December. Rostov-on-Don
- Art exhibition of I. Vensky. Magazine 100%, 2005 No. 9. Publishing house "Gorod N", Rostov-on-Don
- “Transreflections” by I. Vensky. Media group “YUZHNY REGION”, 04.03.2005 Rostov-on-Don
- Peaceful life of Miss Great Britain. Aeroflot-Don magazine, 2004 No. 10. Rostov-on-Don
- The road to the portrait of the king No. 1-2. Rostov-on-Don
- Russian Captures Provost.  Evening Times, 2003, Glasgow, UK
and others


Igor Venskiy's master classes and other socio-cultural projects are presented in the section Igor Venskiy's Fund

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